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Carmel Hills

2801 Carmel Road, Charlotte, NC 28226*

Our facilities are located on 15 acres of land on Carmel Road in southeast Charlotte, North Carolina. The property includes a 1 acre lake, walkways through the woods and areas for rest and meditation. The main residential building includes: a comfortable lounge/meeting room with a large fireplace and library of books and magazines, central dining room, 31 apartments, two laundry rooms, guest room and a storage area and “hobby corner” in the basement.

Other facilities include: The Care Center - an attached wing to the main building, one log cabin, and five duplex apartments located around the lake.


County: Mecklenburg                                                                                                
Phone: (800) 755-8302
Website: www.carmelhills.org
Licensed Provider: Carmel Hills, Inc.
Tax Status: Not-For-Profit
Contract Options: Modified, Fee for Service, Ren
Entrance Fee Refund Options: Fully Declining Refund, 50% Refund, 90% Refund



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